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Crisis Management planning with Golden Law Center.

Crisis Management

You know when you’re in a crisis. It’s when a loved one who has repeatedly resisted efforts for help has landed in the hospital and the staff is telling you to do something or Elder Protective Services will get called. It’s when your mother is in the hospital and about to go to a nursing home, your father is in assisted living, someone told you that there’s too much money for Medicaid eligibility, and you’re about to tear your hair out with stress. It’s when you have been told by a social worker or nursing home admissions coordinator that your parent has too many assets to qualify for MassHealth. It’s when your child or spouse has become seriously disabled and your finances and options seem to be rapidly dwindling.

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We’ve helped many individuals and families with crises like these. We know how to help you prioritize what needs to be done, get the professional support you need to help you cope, and how to legally preserve the funds needed to care for loved ones and to protect their legacy. We can usually tell you in our first meeting how we can help and give you concrete suggestions that you can act on right away to protect your loved ones. We’ll get you the support you need.


It’s never too late to call us. Download our white paper, Ten Things Massachusetts Nursing Homes Don’t Want you to Know, so you will have valuable information you need to safeguard your assets and preserve your health care choices.