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Fiduciary Services

A fiduciary is someone who is entrusted to control property or to act on behalf of another person. Fiduciaries may include:

o Personal representatives of estates
o Attorneys in Fact under durable powers of attorney
o Trustees of trusts, and
o Guardians and conservators

The Golden Law Center’s Fiduciary Services

Alexandra Golden has been trusted by clients and the courts to act as an attorney-in-fact, conservator, personal representative and trustee in numerous matters. The Golden Law Center staff works with families, accountants, financial advisors and others to make sure those fiduciary duties are effectively and compassionately carried out in a cost-effective manner. We listen carefully to beneficiaries and their families and take the time to explain our decisions. And we are not afraid to say “no” when that’s necessary.

Advising Fiduciaries

A fiduciary must be neutral, and is required to put first the interests of the beneficiaries or others for whom the fiduciary has been entrusted to act. A fiduciary is also required to understand his or her duties as set out in the operating document (such as a will or trust). A good fiduciary is diplomatic, mature, organized and understands finances and is able to comply with legal requirements for filing taxes and accounts. Golden Law Center attorneys are a trusted source of advice about how to carry out fiduciary duties, including preparing accounts, communicating with difficult beneficiaries, finding experienced accounts and investment advisers, and other matters critical to your success as a fiduciary.

To find out more about how Alexandra Golden and the Golden Law Center can act as a fiduciary in your matter or advise you about your fiduciary duties, contact our office at (781) 433-8665.