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Golden Law Center works with highly qualified professionals.

Helping Attorneys and other Professional Services Providers to Support their Clients with estate planning, elder law, conservatorship and guardianship and related issues

Legal service referral for your clients to support elders, persons with disabilities and the people who care about them .

When it comes to your practice areas and the professional services you provide, you pride yourself on building and maintaining strong relationships with your clients.  As your relationship deepens, you get to know their family stories and personal concerns. How do you help them when they mention that a parent has developed dementia,  or a child’s mental illness or autism diagnosis – areas outside of your expertise? What do you do when you observe disturbing changes in the health or behavior of your clients while discussing their finances or planning for their taxes?

That’s where we come in.

Golden Law Center will work with you to develop “wrap around” support for your clients, adding value and expertise to your legal and professional services. Our experience can help you spot and solve legal problems and help you locate allied professionals to assess and serve the needs of your clients and their families.

We work with many different types of professionals, including:

  • Divorce attorneys who need to prepare prenuptial or separation agreements for seniors or families with disabilities
  • Estate planners who are unfamiliar with the intersection of MassHealth and tax planning or whose clients have children with special needs
  • Personal injury attorneys who need advice on structuring settlements for disabled clients
  • Lawyers with general practices unsure about how to care for clients whose mental competency may be slipping
  • Financial Planners whose clients need comprehensive legal advice concerning long-term care and estate planning issues for themselves or their parents; and
  • Accountants whose clients need comprehensive information about preserving assets and the legal documents needed to achieve that goal

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